select_classification.JPGSearch Criteria

1. Search by Category / Product:


Rounded Rectangle: Click here!With new advance function it’s become more flexible to search your desire classification. Here you will provide the business classification (e.g. Pharma). Try to simplify it as simple as possible. With dynamic search if you start writing in Category/product section the first letter you write the box will start showing classification/category that match with your written word as define below:





2.     Search by Drop Down Options

Simply click the require category and go for the search.

With the above search box user now have more flexibility to search require classification / category. This drop down box gives you the list of classification available in our database. Here you can select your required business category. You must have to select any classification from right side.





3. Search by City Name

Here you have to select the city of Pakistan from drop down list. To search in all cities Select “All Cities” option or for any specific city select the city name from list.






Select a city Karachi it will displayed the list of all companies in Karachi. 

4.     Search by Company Name

Company Name:


You can give a company name here. It will search all companies names starting from the text you entered.

5.     Search by Area


The Program will search the given text in address. It will display all companies that having the given text as a part of their addresses.

6.     Search by Contact No


Note: Program compares the given no. with Tel, Fax and UAN of each company. This simplifies that user do not have to worry about the contact no., if it is fax, toll free or UAN.

7.     Search by Email


Email address search simply give you company info that have such Email Addresses.

8.     Search by Website


As well “City Name” also selected.


Web address search simply give you company info that have such Web Address.

9.     Search by Brand Name


brand option.jpg

Select your desired “Brand Name” from drop down list then click on “Brand Search” button. A list of companies displayed that deals with that brand.